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  • All of our products are designed and made by hand in Dublin, Ireland.

  • 1) Made To Measure 

    2) Standard size

    3) Split size 

    1) Made To Measure is when your dress is made on you to fit you perfectly. No alterations are needed. 

    2) Standard size, ordering your dress closest to your measurement eg 8, 10, 12 and then having it altered to fit you.

    3) Split size, ordering the bodice in a size 8 and the skirt in a 10 and then having alterations to perfect the fit. 

    We advise only going up or down 1 size in the difference. 

    In the atelier:

    A part of the luxury service you will receive in our atelier is to have a full set of measurements taken by AL Bridal Couture's designer, Audra.

    Your dress will be made on you for the perfect fit in a specialised made to measure service using a toile.


    We have 3 sizing options available. 

  • A toille is an early version of our finished garment made up in cheap material so that the design can be tested and perfected before we cut your luxurious fabric. 

    Ordering in one of our stockists:

    You will be measured by one of their trained and professional consultants. 

    You will then be advised on the size to suit you whether that is a standard size or split size.

    If you are unsure what size to order,

    please drop us an email at and our team will be happy to help explain the options in more detail. 

  • We recommend using for all of our bridal collection.

  • Our atelier does not charge a booking fee.

  • We have AL Bridal Couture atelier and showroom in Harold's Cross Dublin 6w, Ireland.

    We also have stockists in the following places:

    Alice May, Foxrock, Dublin, Ireland

    Say I do Bridal, Unit 5 Distillery Lanes, Midleton, Co.Cork, Ireland

  • Ordering with us at the atelier:

    We advise ordering your dress 10 months before your wedding date. 

    We also offer express ordering timelines. There is a charge of €500 for order placed less then 4 months before wedding.

    Once your order has been placed you will be measured for your personal calico. 

    You will have your 1st calico fitting 4 months before wedding.

    Your 2nd appointment will be 3 months before wedding. This is when you will see your dress made in the fabric of your choice. 

    Your 3rd appointment will be month before wedding. 

    This will be for final tweaks. 

    Your last appointment will be for collection , this is normally week before wedding. 

  • Each bridal boutique have their own preferred ordering scheduals. 

    Once your order is placed with them we aim to have your dress ready for collection 6-8 weeks before your wedding date. 

    All timelines above are guidelines only. 

  • We ask for a 50% deposit on the day you place your order. This deposit is non refundable. 

    The balance is required before dress collection. 

  • All of our dresses are made to order so there are no refunds or returns on any of our items. 


Order timeline

Option 1

Made To Measure

What is a made to measure dress?

You are measured on the day you place your order Your bridal consultant will take your bust waist and hip measurements. From these measurements we make a calico.

What is a calico?

A calico is a prototype of your dress bodice made from plain cotton fabric.
We make this first so we can perfect the fit of your dress before we cut your silk fabric. A made to measure dress will always fit better than a standard size dress order as we are making the dress on you.

Fitting timeline:

1st calico fitting 3 months before your wedding. 
You will need 1 fitting on this to perfect the fit before we cut the silk fabric.  Once we are happy with the fit of the calico we use it as a pattern to cut your silk fabric and begin to make your dress.


1st fitting with your silk dress will be about 2 months before your wedding date. After this you will have of 2 - 3 more fittings

Collection of your dress and any other accessories you have ordered from us will be booked for 2 weeks before your wedding. 
All appointments are booked in as we go.

We charge €350 for this service. 

You can have your calico and silk fittings done in the shop you purchased your dress from or in our Harold's Cross Atelier. 
If you decide to have your fittings done with us in our atelier, your collection appointment can be arranged in the shop you purchased your dress in or in our Harold's Cross Atelier.

Option 2

Standard size order

What is a standard size order?

You are measured on the day you place your order. Your bridal consultant will take your bust waist and hip measurements. 

From these measurements the bridal consultant will see what size your measurements come closest to on our measurement chart.

Once we receive the order we will start making your dress in the size they have recommended ie standard size 8, 10, 12 etc.

Your dress will then be delivered approx 8 weeks prior to your wedding. 

You will then start your alterations process with your own chosen seamstress approx 6 weeks prior to your wedding. 

Our ideal order time for either of these options is 6 to 8 months.

We offer an express order option but depending on fabric delivery this can not always be offered.

Price on application.

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